The Caravan Club West Sussex Centre


The Annual General Meeting of the West Sussex Centre of the Caravan Club will be held at 2.30 pm on Saturday 19th October 2019, at Steyning Grammar School, Shooting Field, Steyning, BN44 3RX.

As required by Rule 6c Governing Centres, nominations for Executive Office or Committee, signed by the nominee, must be received in writing by the Centre Honorary Secretary not later than fourteen days prior to the meeting.

Only Members who submitted their Centre Registration at least 35 days prior to the date of the meeting are entitled to speak or vote, although the Club Constitution does not forbid the admission of spouse/partner and other members of registered Members families.

Please present membership cards for inspection at the door.

1. Apologies for absence.
2. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
3. Matters arising.
4. The Chairman’s report.
5. Presentation of the accounts for the year ending 31st December 2016.
6. Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer,
Hon. Rally Secretary, Committee (up to 7 members)
7. Any other business.

Only Centre Members are able to stand for Committee or are allowed to vote at the AGM. Ensure your Membership is up to date and that you are registered with the West Sussex Centre before attending the AGM.
Membership cards will be required so please ensure you have yours with you.

We welcome all nominations for committee members and would ask that if you have an intention to stand for committee, you make your intention known to the Chaiman or Secretary at least 6 weeks before the AGM. This gives us an opportunity to explain what the various roles entail and gives you time to consider before completing your nomination form.

1968                                   R.F.G. Gurney             
1969-1970                           R.W. Wates                
1971-1972                           A.K.A. Mattey            
1973-1974                           E.S.Witcher               
1975-1977                           J. Gibbs                      
1978-1981                           Alan. Baker                     
1982-1984                           P. Wilkins                  
1985-1987                           D. Eager                   
1988-1990                           Barry Martin
1991-1993                           J. King
1994-1996                           M. Ramus
1997-1999                           K. Adlam
2000-2002                           W. Spence
2003-2005                           Mrs. S. Hunter
Oct 2005-Oct 2008              Mrs J. Clark
Oct 2008-Oct 2012              N. Harris
Oct 2012-Oct 2015              D. Wightman
Oct 2015-Oct 2016              K. Trantum
Oct 2016-Oct 2018              Mrs Frances (Fran) Phillips
Oct 2018-                           Nick Harris   


1. Unless otherwise stated, rallies will commence at 4pm on Fridays. Members must not arrive before this time without prior consultation with the Rally Officer for that Rally. Rallies will close at the time stated by the Rally Officer.
2. The good name of the Caravan Club will be upheld by every member adhering to the Caravan Code at all times.
3. Caravan Club members only are entitled to attend Rallies. Membership cards must be carried and shown to the Hon. Secretary if so requested.
4. The Rally Officer has the right to site Caravans as they arrive.
5. Space saving is at the discretion of the Rally Officers. If the Rally Officers permit space-saving, this will be subject to availability.
6. On the Rally the Caravan must be in the charge of the Full, Joint or Family Member. Small tents will be allowed on the rally field, sited in place of your awning, with the permission of the Rally Officer.
7. A speed limit of 5 MILES PER HOUR is imposed on all vehicles on the site and must be strictly observed. Learner and unlicensed drivers must not drive on the rally field.
8. Motor Caravans and towing vehicles only are permitted to be driven on the rally field.
9. The towing vehicle must be parked immediately adjacent to the offside of the Caravan. All other vehicles must be parked in the visitors’ car park, and members receiving visitors are required to acquaint them with this rule.
10. Cycles must not be ridden on the Rally field.
11. Children must be under strict parental control at all times, whether on the rally field or at social events.
12. Dogs and Cats must be kept on a lead (not exceeding 10 feet in length) at all times and not permitted to foul the site. All animals, while being exercised around the rally field, must be kept under control and not allowed to roam at will.
13. Ball games, kite flying, Frisbees and boisterous games are not permitted in the vicinity of Caravans.
14. Barbecues must be sited a minimum of 3 metres from any car, caravan or awning.
15. Members must provide their own sanitation and containers must be emptied and cleaned at the point provided. Under no circumstances will such containers be cleaned or recharged in the vicinity of the drinking water taps.
16. Discipline.
a) The Committee is empowered to take disciplinary action against any member who, in their opinion, is guilty, either directly or by persons for whom he is answerable, of any misconduct at any of the Centre functions prejudicial to the good repute of the Centre, or the comfort or convenience of other members attending one of the Centre’s functions.
b) Disciplinary action may take the form of suspension from the Centre’s functions.
c) Any member who is disciplined under this rule has the right to be heard in person by the Committee.


• Please book onto a Rally no later than 10 days prior to the start of the Rally. Members whose booking arrives later may not get a Rally Plaque, or a pitch on limited Rallies.
• Some Rallies may require a non-refundable deposit.
• Direction signs to Rallies will be displayed to assist members unless local authority restrictions prohibit this.
• Please take your rubbish home with you, unless facilities have been made available.
• Please display the reverse side of your rally envelope in the front window of your caravan at all times during the Rally.
• All cancellations must be notified to the Rally Officers by 9am Monday prior to the Rally.
• Members who fail to arrive after having previously booked will be charged any expenses incurred on their behalf, and will not be permitted to attend any West Sussex Centre Rally until this has been paid to the Centre Secretary.
• When the red flag is flying on the Flagpole, vehicles must not be moved without prior permission of the Rally Officers.
• Fire extinguishers should be carried in all vans and Fire Buckets placed adjacent to the van.
• All members are respectfully reminded that any noise or other activities between 11pm and 8:30am must not cause annoyance to other ralliers.
• Any case of excessive speeding on the rally field should be reported to any Officer or Committee Member.
• The Committee request that generators are not used on normal weekend rallies.

• All you have to do is ring the Rally Officer shown against the rally you wish to attend, and post them the rally slip, or hand it to them on the rally field or book in via the Centre website
• Bookings are not normally acknowledged, but you can assume all is well, unless you are notified otherwise.
• Please observe the start time of the event stated in the book. If no time is shown, assume that the rally starts at 4 pm or 5.30 pm if being held on School grounds.
• Many Rally Officers have to work so they cannot always arrive with hours to spare and they need time to set up before you arrive, so please don’t be cross with them if they will not let you arrive early.
• Finally if you have not rallied - TRY IT - it’s great fun and we will always be pleased to see you and make you welcome.
• Rallies are about You Enjoying Yourself. Every weekend on a rally is another holiday!



When you have attended 15 rallies in one year, 3 of which can be with another centre, you are entitled to claim a Fellowship Plaque and 10.00 voucher which can be used at a future rally with the West Sussex Centre. Your fellowship plaque will only be presented when the Hon. Secretary receives the list of 15 rallies you have attended.


The Alan Baker Shield may be presented to a member of the West Sussex Centre who has done something outstanding to help others.
The presentation is made at the AGM and the shield may be held for a period of one year or until the next AGM. If you know of someone deserving of this award please complete the Alan Baker nomination form and submit it to the Hon Secretary one month before the AGM.