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Rally Reports

The West Sussex New Year Rally
Please click here to see some feedback from the new year rally.

Dyke Farm, Pulborough, 30 Aug-1 Sep
All arrived safely, had a good time, walked the dog, went home.
Seriously - the full version of this rally report can be found here

Oakfield, Birdham, 2-4 August
(Children & Grandparents Rally)
Last weekend nanny Chris Jackman and Grandad Terry Jackman took me (Ava) and my brother Finley to Birdham for the grandparents rally run by Ted and Ruby Horton and Julian and Jenny Sharpe. We unpacked and Sandy Harris and Nick came for tea. Grandad took ages making a mushroom risotto which looked and smelled lovely and just as he finished and it was ready to serve grandad moved his collapsible table and dropped the lot on the grass. Nick saved some to taste and they all ended up with fish and chips!!!! Grandad was speechless!!!!! On Saturday morning early we did exercises in the rain then we filled the paddling pools so we could fill our water guns up and then the fight began. Anybody not on our team got squirted!! Shane Bills poured a whole bucket of water over me cos I was going to water bomb him!!! Everybody got soaked. Ruby made us all a lovely tea of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, pies, lemon and orange. Dave and Carol Wightman put up the party tent and in the evening we played bingo and Finley won as did Marilyn Morgan. It was a lovely weekend thank you everyone.
Ava Jackson

Riverside Farm, Rudgwick, 17-19 May
Well done Carol and Dave for finding this absolutely lovely new venue. The weather was kind to us and the area is fantastic for walking.
We had a lovely relaxing time with a meet up on Friday evening. Saturday saw the first West Sussex communal cook out with a mix of proper charcoal and gas fired barbecues plus some people using cadacs.
Mac lured us all into the club house with the promise of a 'light hearted' quiz! Blimey I hate to think what a hard quiz would be like. Anyway we all had a head scratch and laugh and got appalling scores.
If we rally here again I recommend the site very highly. Remember though to approach from the Rudgwick village direction as the turn in whilst doable isn't brilliant from the other way.
Thanks Mac and Marilyn for taking this one on at fairly short notice

Nick and Sandy

Hole Park, Rolvenden, 2-6 May
What a difference a year makes! Last year we all had to be towed onto and off the rally field and endured a weekend up to our knees in mud. This year it was beautiful, for most of the weekend, with a few showers on Saturday. Several people visited Hole Park to see the Bluebells and beautifully landscaped gardens. We were advised that the Bluebells were not at their best yet but they looked pretty spectacular to me, as did the Azaleas and Rhododendrons.
Rod got his horses out on Saturday afternoon and it was lovely to see some of the children joining in the racing event. The trophy was won by Jackie Hayward who thrashed everyone (and not by a short distance) and was over the moon to win something! On Saturday evening we took part in Kevin and Nicola's Around Britain quiz. I don't know who found these questions but suffice to say there was a lot of head scratching going on. It was actually quite shocking to realise how little we know about our own country. Sunday saw a lot of throwing games on the field, welly wanging, log throwing, golf balls aimed at a target, frisbees and hagars chess. There was a lot of support for the games and the winners won some horse themed prizes which were awarded at flag. On Sunday evening, we all met in the party tent for Brian's funny prize bingo, played with playing cards. It seemed odd but the same people kept winning over and over again (not mentioning any names) but we were assured it was just the way the cards came out and there was no fixing.
Most of us have come home looking like we've been on holiday and that is exactly what it felt like.
Huge thanks to Rod and Mu and Kevin and Nicola who put a lot of effort into organising events to keep us occupied. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Loveders, 26-28 Apr

We rolled up at four o'clock on Friday having had a busy day getting Sandy's car serviced. We were met by a smiley Bruce, Pat and Pete who allocated our pitch. Friday was my birthday and about six o'clock I was presented with a lovely cake in the shape of a poodle head made by Pat. The cake was blooming delicious.  We went out for dinner with Dave, Carol, Rudy and Val and met Lynsey, Jay, Phil and Angela too.
Saturday saw a sunny day with a visit to Chichester Caravans plus a lovely walk, led by Bruce in the afternoon. That evening we got together in the club house where Bruce did us all a very easy quiz (not) and the team we were in came second.
Flag was held in the sun and the best bit by far was that Sandy won the fruit cake made by Pat!
Lovely sunny relaxing weekend and a cake too! I love rallying!
Well done Bruce and Pat assisted by Pete and Freda Dales.
See you all soon

Nick H

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